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Getting it Settled: Opting for Mediation and Avoiding Court

Going through a divorce has been repeatedly found to be one of the most traumatizing events in a person's life. One of the most difficult stages of the divorce is the litigation process itself. For this reason, mediation is becoming a more popular and utilized alternative to litigation during a divorce. In many states, including North Carolina, some sort of mediation is required before the divorce can even proceed to court. Mediation is a quicker, more peaceful and economical form of settlement and the amount of people benefiting from it is increasing.

Mediation may differ in nature. In a private mediation, a paid mediator, an individual experienced in the area of family law and many times the specific matter being disputed (i.e. equitable distribution, child custody, etc.) will meet with the two parties' attorneys to reach a settlement. In a judicial settlement conference, ordered by the court as a precedent to litigation, the private mediator is replaced by a judge not assigned to the case.

Ultimately, the goal of mediation is to reach agreement between the two parties and avoid litigation entirely. However, mediation is also helpful when settled partially. In this event, the divorce process is still made more efficient by settling certain matters privately, leaving only a few matters to be determined in court. In the end, the process is always made quicker and many believe that the emotional damage is lessened because of the amicable agreements reached in a mediation.

At Hopper, Hopper & Mulligan, PLLC., we understand the hardships that go with filing for divorce and are committed to making the process as smooth and painless as possible – this includes mediation. If you are filing for divorce and would like to learn more about the mediation alternative, contact one of our Raleigh family attorneys today.

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