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Issues You Will Need to Address During Your Divorce

Although no two divorces are exactly alike, there are similar issues that almost every divorcing couple needs to consider. By understanding what these are beforehand, your divorce can be processed faster and with less aggravation. The first and often foremost issue is property division. Whether you are a multi-millionaire or live modestly, you will need to consider how to split your marital property. This can include anything that you acquired during your marriage, as well as money that was made during that time.

While you are discussing finances you will also need to consider the possibility of support payments. This can include child support and/or spousal support. Depending on the finances of both parties, it is possible to ask your spouse for support or expect your spouse to ask for support from you. If you do have children, the last important issues are custody and visitation rights. Generally, family law attorneys agree that you should work out an agreement with your spouse regarding custody rather than allowing a judge to decide for you. If you are filing for divorce and know that certain issues will be contentious, take the time to consult a Raleigh family lawyer from our firm to make sure you have a legal advocate on your side. To arrange an initial consultation, contact Hopper, Hopper & Mulligan, PLLC today.

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My ex wanted to cheat me out of alimony after being married and serving him for 27 years. Not so fast: Mr. Hopper took over, stayed completely calm and after 6 month my ex started to pay his dues. Thank you, Mr. Hopper!
- Inga M.
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