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Understanding Domestic Violence

It is a sad but true fact that domestic violence affects so many in America.

Abusers come in all shapes, colors and genders. The primary purpose of domestic violence is not necessarily to inflict harm, but to exert control over another person; physical and verbal abuse is merely the tool by which abusers can do so. If someone is using shame, guilt, fear or intimidation to get you under their control, you are in a situation of domestic violence.

Although it is true that women are more likely to become victims of domestic violence, men can also be victimized. Domestic violence isn't limited to heterosexual relationships, either. If you are in a relationship where your partner verbally abuses you, don"t think that it will stop there. In many circumstances, verbal abuse is merely the precursor to physical abuse.

Have you recently become a victim of domestic violence? If so, contact our legal team to discuss your situation with a Raleigh family law attorney.

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