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Laws Regarding Visitation

Did you know that as a grandparent, you can ask for visitation rights? Depending on what state you reside in and your relationship with the child, it is possible to petition the court to demand visitation.

Although all states have laws regarding grandparent visitation, some make it harder than others to qualify. These laws can also extend to other influential people in a child's life, such as foster relatives and step relatives.

Currently, there are twenty states that have restrictive visitation laws, meaning that only the grandparents are allowed to get visitation rights. In other states, however, there are more relaxed laws that don't even require a parent to authorize the right to visit with a grandchild.

To learn more about visitation rights in the state of North Carolina, we encourage you to contact Hopper, Hopper & Mulligan, PLLC and set up a consultation. By speaking with one of our Raleigh family lawyers, you will have a better understanding of visitation and your rights.

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After almost 3 years fighting with my ex-wife over everything, I was recently awarded primary custody of my children, child support, and allowed to leave the state, something that I understand is not so common in North Carolina --fathers being awarded custody that is. Thanks to Kevin Hopper, the kids and I are finally moving past the nightmare and learning to laugh again.
- Newton
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