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During Divorce Proceedings, Monitor Online Profile

If you and your spouse are considering divorce or separation, you might want to start monitoring your online activities. Increasingly, divorce attorneys, in-laws, and spouses are using online social networking sites to gather evidence.

Don't post compromising pictures. This is a good rule to follow in general, but is especially important during a divorce. If you have a new girlfriend or boyfriend, don't post pictures of you two together or post on your friends' walls about them. If you recently blew off steam at a bar or club, keep those pictures to yourself as well. Even if it's something as seemingly innocent as say, you at the beach or with a new car, your spouse might be able to use it against you as proof about your financial situation, dedication to your children, or work ethic. This information could be important when deciding child support , alimony , or even be proof of alienation of affection .

Don't talk about your divorce online. No matter how much you want to vent or want people to know your side of the divorce, negative rants or even sarcastic comments can work against you. Friend's walls, statuses, tweets, and notes are all places that your ex, his family, or mutual friends can see how you're feeling. Even if you delete it later, anyone could have taken a screenshot of it.

Change your passwords. Many married couples know each other's passwords for email, bank accounts, or social networking sites. If they don't know the exact password, they might know that you rotate between a few. Go ahead and change your passwords - private messages and emails should stay private.

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