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Probate Process

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The North Carolina Probate Process

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When a person passes away, normally their final affairs and distribution of their estate will be handled in probate court. Simply put, the purpose of probate is to establish the legitimacy and applicability of a person's will at the time of their death, or determine the most appropriate way to divide their property in the event that no will is present.

Probate can be a lengthy and tedious process, making it vital that you retain the services of a skilled legal professional to guide you through the appropriate legal channels. If you have been named the executor of a loved one's estate or are involved in a dispute regarding the distribution of a decedent's assets, a Raleigh probate attorney from Hopper, Hopper & Mulligan, PLLC can answer all of your questions and ensure that your rights are protected.

At Hopper, Hopper & Mulligan, PLLC, we understand how difficult it can be do deal with the passing of a loved one, and we are willing to do everything in our power to help you get through this difficult time as smoothly as possible. Having more than two decades' worth of successful legal experience to our credit, our firm is equipped with the extensive knowledge and skills you need to navigate through this complex process.

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What Happens During Probate?

Usually, after a person dies, an "executor" or "administrator" will be appointed by the courts to take charge of the decedent's estate, unless someone has already been named in a person's will. These people are issued "Letters of Administration" that give them the responsibility and authority to handle several different tasks on behalf of the deceased.

An executor must:

  • Catalogue the deceased person's assets and belongings
  • Have assets professionally appraised if necessary
  • Pay all outstanding debts and taxes of the decedent
  • Oversee asset distribution as dictated in the person's will or by state law

Once all debts have been paid and assets are distributed, the executor files a final accounting with the courts declaring what actions and transactions were made before the estate is closed. While this all seems relatively straightforward on the surface, issues can arise during this process between beneficiaries and interested parties, leading to complex litigation that can take months if not years to complete. For this reason, these matters are best handled by the trained eye of a dedicated attorney.

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At Hopper, Hopper & Mulligan, PLLC, our firm's highly trained Raleigh probate lawyers can help simplify the probate process and protect your rights every step of the way. As proven by our extensive collection of positive client testimonials, we treat our clients like family and are prepared to go the extra mile on your behalf. Protecting the rights of our clients is our top priority, and we are committed to providing the results-driven representation you need until your loved one's final affairs are resolved. Let us handle the legal heavy-lifting so you can grieve with your family in peace.

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