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Child Visitation Cases in North Carolina

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One of the most heated topics when determining the terms of a couple's divorce arrangement is the establishment of visitation rights. As emotions run high and tempers flare, determining which parent can see their children at which times can prove to be a highly contentious affair. Fortunately, these If you are currently in the middle of visitation battle, a skilled Raleigh divorce lawyer from Hopper, Hopper & Mulligan, PLLC can represent your interests in court and help you pursue the most amicable solution possible.

Our firm's compassionate legal professionals understand how precious your children are to you, and we are prepared to do everything within our power to help you maintain an active presence in their lives. Protecting your wellbeing is our top priority, and our firm is willing to go the distance to help you get through this difficult time.

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An Overview of Visitation Rights in NC

If a divorcing couple is unable to come to a mutually acceptable visitation schedule, the courts will interfere and make a decision on their behalf. Typically, a non-custodial parent will be granted visitation rights unless the parent exhibits some sort of extreme behavior that is deemed detrimental to a child's wellbeing. In most child custody cases, however, it is deemed healthy and desirable for a child to have access to both the custodial and non-custodial parent.

The courts will make their decision based on the following:

  • A child's preference
  • The child's best interests
  • The child's relationship with his or her parents
  • Any special needs of the child
  • The presence of abuse

Visitation can be ordered to be supervised or unsupervised, depending on the parents' ability to provide reasonable care. If you are facing visitation battle, it is imperative that you consult with our firm in order to make an accurate assessment of your case and determine the most appropriate strategy to pursue.

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By taking a personalized approach to our clients' cases, our firm works to assist our clients in reaching visitation agreements that actually work. Instead of pushing "cookie cutter" solutions that other firms so heavily rely on, we treat our clients like family and give them the personal attention they deserve. Whether your visitation dispute is to be settled in court or in negotiating for a workable arrangement with your spouse or ex-spouse, our Raleigh divorce attorneys are ready to do whatever it takes to help you reach a desirable outcome for your case.

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