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Child Custody Modifications

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Making Modifications to Your Custody Arrangement

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Due to the fact that circumstances can change dramatically as time goes by, child custody and visitation arrangements are always subject to change. What types of changes can warrant a modification? Here are some examples:

  • One parent can develop a drug or alcohol abuse dependency
  • One parent can move in with a partner or remarry someone who physically or sexually abuses the child
  • Custodial parent can no longer afford to care for the child
  • Custodial parent can succumb to mental illness
  • Custodial parent can neglect to take the child to school or provide proper food

Regardless of the reasoning behind the change, it is important to ensure that it is officially modified by the court. You can be held in "contempt of court" if you decide to take action of your own accord. Make sure that you are fully represented by a caring and loyal advocate. Speak with our Raleigh child custody attorney to further discuss the details of your modification.

What the Court Will Use to Evaluate Your Case

While income alone doesn't automatically grant custody to one parent, the court will evaluate the situation to ensure the child's needs are being appropriately met. With child custody modifications, the court will make a determination based entirely on what would be in the best interests of the child.

The burden of proof will be on the petitioning parent to prove there has been a significant change in circumstances that would warrant a child custody modification. If you are seeking to modify the terms of your standing child custody arrangement, or if you are seeking to contest a petition for a child custody modification, then you are urged to contact a Raleigh family law attorney from Hopper, Hopper & Mulligan, PLLC. We understand that child custody issues are extremely sensitive in nature and depending on your circumstances, they may be equally urgent.

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