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Business Lien Matters in Raleigh

Legal Help from Our Raleigh Business Attorney

A Lien is a specific legal action taken against another's property for the purpose of getting payment. If you or your company requires legal assistance with a lien, it is recommended that you contact a Raleigh business law attorney at Hopper, Hopper & Mulligan, PLLC. We are very familiar with liens of all kinds and can help you to file such a lien or remove a lien legally when that is the appropriate legal action to undertake in your case.

In the current business climate, a lien may unfortunately be the only way that you are going to collect the money that you are due from your goods or services delivered. Don't let others take advantage of you when it comes to being paid. Even if you understand their situation, realize that the person who puts pressure on legally is more likely to be paid at all.

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Ensuring Your Document is Properly Drafted

As with any legal document, it is crucial that the document is properly written and filed. One would want experienced and qualified legal assistance if a lien is a necessary part of doing business. Some companies unfortunately do not meet their obligations financially, due to lack of funds or lack of proper organization.

A lien can be a real "wake-up call" to such individuals or businesses who are not meeting their obligations. Even though this is an unfortunate part of law, it has a purpose that is necessary to protect businesses. One has provided the goods or services and deserves to be paid for the delivery of the goods or services.

When approaching such legal issues it is always best to have experienced, qualified legal help. The business lawyer at Hopper, Hopper & Mulligan, PLLC is very familiar with all types of liens and can assist you when this is a necessary step to collect payment. Your situation is unique and it is recommended that you work with a professional legal guide when you need to start any business legal proceeding, including all types of liens. The Raleigh business law attorney can review your situation and offer a legal strategy to collect what you are owed.

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All the people at Hopper Law Firm PLLC are super nice. No fun going to see a lawyer, but they all helped make the whole process easier, plus got a speeding ticket during the divorce, so I've had the "pleasure" of working with both Kevin and Brad. They simply rock!
- Lynn
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